Middlesex County Spay/Neuter

Middlesex-county area 

Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society
The Catmobile
63 Elm St.
Salisbury, MA  01952
(978) 465-1940   catmobile@mrfrs.org
The catmobile is a mobile spay/neuter program providing low cost spay/neuter, rabies vaccine and nail trim package for owned cats – $120 for female cats; $80 for male. The two Catmobiles serve over 30 different towns each month across Norfolk, Middlesex, Worcester and Essex Counties. You can book an appointment online 24/7 at www.catmobile.org or by phone at 978-465-1940. This program is run by the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society which also offers Sunday Spay/Neuter Clinics for feral and un-owned cats in partnership with the MSPCA in Methuen; these cats are brought in by volunteer trappers and are treated and returned to the colony where they were trapped.
 Methuen MSPCA Animal Shelter
400 Broadway, Box 455
Methuen, MA  01844
(978) 687-7453
 Dog Program: The Methuen MSPCA offers $75 spay/neuter for dog owners in Lawrence, Methuen, Lowell and Haverhill. Pit Bulls are spayed/neutered for $50. Methuen offers free spay/neuter to Pit Bulls in Methuen, Lawrence, Haverhill and Lowell. Cat Program:$10 spay/neuter available for cats in Methuen, Haverhill, Lowell and Lawrence. Methuen offers free spay/neuter for stray or feral cats in Lawrence and surrounding areas.Rabbit Program: $75 spay/neuter for rabbits in Methuen, Haverhill, Lowell and Lawrence. Assistance may be offered to residents with clear financial need outside of these three towns. Visit their website to learn more about all three programs or visit the Noble Family Adoption Center of the MSPCA at Nevins Farm to apply.
Kitty Angels
PO Box 638
Tyngsboro, MA  01879
(978) 649-4681
Kitty Angels offers a low cost spay/neuter clinic. The clinic is held on the second Sunday of every month at Animal Rescue Veterinary Services, Londonderry, NH. All surgeries are by appointment only. All cats run through this program are spayed (or neutered), receive a distemper and rabies vaccination, a physical exam, a microchip and a nail trim. If your cat requires treatment for infections, earmites, fleas or worms, these medications are dispensed for an additional small fee. The cost to the pet owner is based on a sliding scale. A suggested donation of $85 per cat is requested; however, grant money may be available for those who are not able to afford the nominal fee. Email info@kittyangels.org or call for more information.
Woburn Feral Cat Coalition
PO Box 3127
Woburn, MA01888
Woburn Feral Cat Coalition (WFCC) is a non-profit, all volunteer, no kill organization committed to controlling the stray and feral cat population through humane trap, neuter and release program. WFCC’s primary activities include humane education to the public regarding pet overpopulation and providing assistance to cats in life threatening situations. If you need assistance with trapping an outdoor cat for spay/neuter or need assistance with low cost spay/neuter for an outdoor cat in Woburn email WFCC at woburncats@gmail.com or visit to their website for more details.
Second Chance Animal Shelter
372 North Main Street
North Brookfield, MA 01535
(508) 637-1333 info@secondchanceanimals.org
Second Chance Animal Shelter operates a high quality low cost spay/neuter clinic. This program also offers transport services to residents who need assistance with getting their pets to our facility. Female cats $70.00 and males $55.00 which includes a free rabies vaccine. Feral cat package is only $30.00. Cost for dogs is based on the size and weight of the dog please visit our website to apply for our SPOT program. Pit Fix Program – All pitbull type dogs are spayed/neutered for $50.00. Second Chance also offers full vet services at our Wellness Center in North Brookfield with subsidized costs for those that meet the qualifications. To read more please visit their website.
Clinton Veterinary Hospital
220 Brook Street
Clinton, MA 01510
(978) 368-8509
email: info@clintonvet.com
Clinton Veterinary Hospital offers a low-cost spay/neuter program for cats called “The Feline Fix,” held Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday every week. Feral cats are included in the program. Clinton Veterinary Hospital also offer reduced rates on spay/neuter for dogs. Call for more information or visit their website.
Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley
PO Box 8006
Bradford, MA 01835-8006
(978) 374-7233
email: adoption@armv.org
Animal Rescue of Merrimack Valley (ARMV) holds No Excuse Monday Spay/Neuter Clinics: bi-weekly low-cost spay/neuter clinics.
 Clinics are held at Animal Rescue Veterinary Services at 194 Rockingham Road, Londonderry, NH. The charge for cats is $75 for a spay or neuter. For dogs the charge is $125 for tiny dogs (under 10 lbs) , $150 for medium (10 to 35 lbs) , and $175 for large (35 – 60lbs). Low income patrons can negotiate a price and a payment plan. Call or email ARMV to set up an appointment.
Country Cat Clinics
6 Old Flanders Road
Westborough, MA 01581
Country Cat Clinics are hosted once a month on Sundays – Feline neuters cost $85, Feline spays cost $105. Rabies vaccination, ear mite treatment, flea treatment, deworming and a nail trim are included. Visit www.countrycatclinics.com to learn more and to book an appointment.
Sterling Animal Shelter
17 Laurelwood Rd
Sterling, MA 01564
(978) 422-8449
Fax: 978-442-8574
email: sterlingshelterclinic@gmail.com
Sterling Animal Shelter has an on-site veterinary clinic that offers low cost spay/neuter and basic dental services to the public and other shelters/rescues and ACOs. The clinic is open Monday – Thursday and they have no income requirements. The clinic also offers special pricing for Pit Bulls through their Operation Pit Stop and Feline Feral Fix programs. To learn more visit http://www.sterlingshelterclinic.org.
Meford Pet Clinic
391 Main St
Meford, MA 02155
(781) 874-9560
The Medford Pet Clinic offers reduced rates for spay/neuter – call for more information.