Low Cost Veterinary Services & Financial Assistance

If you are struggling to keep your pet, know that you have options before surrendering him or her. Here is a list of organizations that provide financial assistance for pet owners in need. Each organization has its own rules and guidelines, so explore their websites.


Massachusetts law requires all cats, dogs and ferrets to be vaccinated against rabies. The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources works with several nonprofit animal welfare groups to offer low-cost rabies vaccination clinics in cities and towns throughout the state.
http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/agr/animal-health/rabies-control-program/rabies-clinics.html.  Most clinics charge from $5 to $15 for the rabies vaccination. Microchipping, licenses, and other services are available at some clinics.

PetCo – Vetco Vaccination Clinic

–See also below under Veterinary Care


See the MAC page: www.spaymass.org

–See also below under Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care

Massachusetts-based resources

Alice T. Whitney Helping Hand Fund – Animal Rescue League
The Alice T. Whitney Helping Hand Fund provides financial assistance to families with limited economic means in veterinary emergencies. For more information contact the Animal Rescue League’s Boston Veterinary Care at (617) 226-5605 or [email protected].

Angell at Nashoba
Services: Vaccines, wellness visits, sick visits, surgery, spay/neuter
Qualification: Photo ID and one of the following:
-Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program card
-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) card (formerly known as Food Stamps/EBT card)
-Spay and Neuter Assistance Program certificate
-Letter/lease from the owner’s local housing authority showing that the owner is a participant in public housing
-Letter/bill demonstrating government fuel assistance
-Most recent tax return (Form 1040) showing total income at or less than 200% of the federal poverty level, adjusted for household size

Website: Angell at Nashoba (Westford, MA)
Phone: 978-577-5992

Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (MRFRS) Medical/Veterinary Assistance 
The mission of the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (MRFRS) is to improve the lives of all cats and provide support and education for the people who care about them. They offer several medical/veterinary assistance and low-cost programs.
Website: Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society Veterinary/Medical Assistance
Phone: 978-462-0760
Service Area: Massachusetts and contiguous border areas

Community Surgical Clinic
The Community Surgical Clinic, located at ARL’s Dedham Animal Care & Adoption Center, provides low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for cats and dogs by using a voucher provided by the Massachusetts Animal Fund. Vouchers are available based on need through your local animal control officer.
Website: Community Surgical Clinic
Service Area: Massachusetts

Healthy Animals, Healthy Communities – Animal Rescue League
The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is excited to offer high-quality, low-cost pet wellness care for residents of Dorchester, Roxbury Mattapan, and East Boston in partnership with Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) through its new Wellness Waggin’, a mobile veterinary unit outfitted with an exam room and a surgical suite. The Wellness Wagon also offers $10 Pet Wellness Package for cats and dogs and includes physical exam, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, flea treatment, and microchip.
Website: https://www.arlboston.org/wellness-waggin/ 

Healthy Moms, Happy Litters – Animal Rescue League
Provides complimentary assistance to local families and their pets to help prevent animal homelessness, suffering, and neglect. Available at ARL’s shelter locations in Boston, Brewster, and Dedham, the Healthy Moms, Happy Litters program offers:
FREE high-quality spay/neuter services and vaccinations for mother/ father cats or dogs. After surgery, the now healthy mother/father pair or individual is returned to their owner.
WAIVED surrender fees for the parent(s) litter of kittens or puppies. Once eligible, each happy kitten or puppy will be vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and placed up for adoption.

Kane’s Krusade
Programs offered: C.A.R.E. Kits (food/equipment) (Western Massachusetts), Spay/Neuter, Vaccinations (Western Massachusetts), Vet Care (Massachusetts, with priority funding given to Western Massachusetts) (https://kaneskrusade.org/vet-care-assistance/); Pet Family Housing Assistance (Massachusetts and Connecticut)
Website: Kane’s Krusade

Keep Pets S.A.F.E
Do you find yourself having to decide whether or not you can keep your pet due to emergency medical, financial, or personal reasons? If so, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) may be able to help! ARL’s Keep Pets S.A.F.E program is offering the following emergency services for qualified residents of Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan during the COVID-19 pandemic: Deliver pet food and other essential pet supplies to clients’ homes and partner-supported community housing; Provide temporary emergency shelter for pets and offer pick up and return of the pet to their owner or a designated caregiver; Arrange for emergency surrender of pets with pick up service.
Website: Keep Pets S.A.F.E.

Kyle’s Legacy – Starlight Program This financial assistance is for medical procedures for canines to diagnose cancer and in certain cases receive treatment for Stage I Cancer.
Website: Kyle’s Legacy – Starlight Program
Service Area: Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Lilly’s Fund provides grants of $250 for pit bull-related needs.
Website: http://lillytheheropitbull.com/pit-bull-resources/pit-bull-grants/

MSPCA-Angell Clinics

The vision of the MSPCA-Angell Clinics is simple yet powerful: provide affordable veterinary care that helps keep pets and families together. By providing subsidized, low-cost, veterinary care, the clinics provide a new pathway for families in need.

The clinics welcome clients in need referred from primary care veterinary clinics. If you are a veterinary clinic hoping to refer a patient to our clinic please fill out the referral form for the appropriate location below.

Locations and Referral Forms

MSPCA-Angell Clinic Boston
350 South Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02130

MSPCA-Angell Clinic Cape Cod
1577 Falmouth Road
Centerville, MA 02632

MSPCA-Angell Clinic at Nevins Farm
400 Broadway
Methuen, MA 01844

Medical Procedures Performed at the MSPCA-Angell Clinics

  • Diagnostics: Bloodwork, Urinalysis, Radiographs, Histopathology
  • Spay for Pyometra or Dystocia
  • Wound and Laceration Care
  • Amputation (Tail, Digit, Limb)
  • Splinting
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair
  • Cystotomy
  • Mass Removal when quality of life is impacted (e.g.. ulcerated mammary mass)
  • Nasopharyngeal/Oral Polyp Removal
  • Enucleation
  • Foreign Body Surgery for stable pets who do not require 24-hour hospitalization

Clients Must Financially Qualify for Treatment

To receive care at MSPCA-Angell Clinics clients must be on one of the public assistance program listed below or have an income under the Massachusetts poverty guidelines (https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines). Ultimate determination of suitability for this program will be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of MSPCA managers and veterinarians.

Open weekdays from 8:00am-4:00pm throughout the year, the clinics do not provide primary veterinary care, speciality service care, overnight care, or 24/7 emergency service.

Qualifying public assistance programs:

  • SNAP/EBT benefits
  • WIC
  • Residency in public housing
  • SSI
  • Fuel assistance
  • VA Assistance

Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals, Inc.
At Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals, Inc. we provide free office visits and outpatient veterinary services. These can include routine physical exams and recommendations for how people can best care for their animals. Medicines to cure sick animals, (e.g. antibiotics) and preventative medicines, (e.g. heartworm pills and vaccines) are available at reduced rates.
Website: Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals
Phone: 617-782-5420
Service area: Boston area
Location: 542 Cambridge St., Allston, MA 02134
Hours: Hours of Operation (first-come, first-served; arrive at least one hour before closing)

New Pet Owner Resources – Animal Rescue League
Website: New Pet Owner Resources

Pet Behavior Helpline – Animal Rescue League
Website: Pet Behavior Helpline

Pet Care Assistance – MSPCA-Angell
MSPCA-Angell Pet Care Assistance helps pet owners with limited incomes pay for medical care for their sick or injured pets at MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Centers.
Websites: Pet Care Assistance and Payment Policy 
Service area: Animals treated at MSPCA-Angell Boston or Angell-West (Waltham)
How to apply: Call the MSPCA-Angell Financial Office at 617-541-5028 or 5030 OR email [email protected]

Pet Partners of the Tri State
We provide free pet food, reduced rate spay and neuter, and assistance with basic veterinary care costs on a case by case basis.
Website: Pet Partners of the Tri State

Phinney’s Friends
Phinney’s Friends helps low-income pet owners throughout Massachusetts who have disabling illnesses or other hardships. Phinney’s Friends provides vet vouchers for medical care, as well dog walking, daily pet care (grooming, litter box changing, nail clipping), emergency pet food, and pet foster care.
Website: Phinney’s Friends
Phone: 617-979-8705
Service area: Massachusetts
How to apply: Call Phinney’s Friends at 617-979-8705 or use their Contact Form

Sampson Fund for Veterinary Care
Financial assistance through certain veterinary medical practices on Cape Cod and the Islands.
Website: Sampson Fund
Phone: 508-240-7387
Service area: Cape Cod and the Islands
How to apply: Call the Sampson Fund at 508-240-7387 or apply at a Member Hospital

Smokey’s Fund – South Shore Humane Society
Smokey’s Fund helps South Shore residents who need emergency medical care for their pet and have true financial need.
Website: South Shore Humane Society Programs
Phone: 781-843-5838
Service area: Abington, Braintree, Hanover, Hingham, Hanson, Holbrook, Hull, Norwell, Milton, Randolph, Rockland, Stoughton, Whitman, Quincy and Weymouth
How to apply: Call 781-843-5838

Spay Waggin’ – Animal Rescue League
The Spay Waggin’ offers affordable spay and neuter on the South Shore and Cape Cod.

Temporary Pet Housing Initiative – Animal Rescue League Are you a pet owner who was or may be forced to leave your current living situation due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic? If so, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) may be able to offer temporary housing for your pet! The Massachusetts eviction moratorium expired on October 17. Any pet owner who may be experiencing housing instability or who may be at imminent risk of homelessness is potentially eligible for ARL’s Temporary Pet Housing Initiative.
Website: Animal Rescue League’s Temporary Pet Housing Initiative

Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic
Tufts Veterinary School, together with the veterinary assistant program at Worcester Technical High School (WTHS), runs a low-cost primary care pet clinic at WTHS on Skyline Drive in Worcester, MA. Clinic services include vaccinations, checkups, stable urgent care, simple surgeries, diagnostics, and dentistry, all at low cost.
The clinic serves pet owners in the Greater Worcester area who cannot afford to pay for medical care for their pets. To qualify, you must have an ID card from WIC, SNAP, the Worcester Housing Authority or another qualified Housing Authority, or a student ID from WTHS, as well as photo identification. See Tufts at Tech Financial Policies for more information.
Website: Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic
Telephone, hours, and directions: Contact Tufts at Tech
Appointments: Tufts at Tech Appointments

UMass Community Veterinary Clinic – Newton
Services: Physical exams, bloodwork, nail trims, vaccines, and more
Website: https://www.facebook.com/UMassVetTech/
Phone: 617-243-1640

Vitality Veterinary
Services: Vaccines, wellness visits, sick visits ($35), surgery, spay/neuter, drop off pick up later
Website:  Vitality Veterinary Services – Swansea 
Vitality Veterinary Services – Attleboro
Email: [email protected]
Phone: Swansea location: 508-567-5757. Attleboro location: 508-639-5176

Second Chance Community Veterinary Hospitals

Full-service veterinary care for all with subsidized pricing for households with income 150% of the poverty level or less. Visit the Second Chance website for details on how to qualify for subsidized services.

North Brookfield Community Veterinary Hospital
Email: North Brookfield Community Veterinary Hospital
Phone: 508-637-1333

Springfield Community Veterinary Hospital
Website: Springfield Community Veterinary Hospital
Phone: 413-739-2343
Email: [email protected]

Worcester Community Veterinary Clinic
Website: Worcester Community Veterinary Clinic
Phone: 774-243-1234
Email: [email protected]

Southbridge Community Vet Hospital
Phone: 774-318-1101
Email: [email protected] 

Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Website: https://www.secondchanceanimals.org/vaccine-clinics/ 

Elderly Assistance/Homebound to the Rescue Program
Email: [email protected]

National programs (grant programs)

Brown Dog Foundation offers pet owners in temporary financial crisis an alternative when their pets face a treatable but life-threatening condition or illness. http://www.browndogfoundation.org/

Frankie’s Friends Fund provides financial assistance grants to family owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care whose caregivers cannot afford the full cost of treatment. https://www.frankiesfriends.org/national-frankies-friends-fund

Friends & Vets Helping Pets funds treatments for curable diseases such as tumors, broken bones, ambulatory care, expensive medication, or post-surgical prosthetics such as a K-9 cart. Grants are made to individuals and families whose ability to pay is extremely limited, but also to those of somewhat more substantial means, up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, who may only need minor subsidy to meet the veterinary expenses. Financial aid is intended as a supplement to family resources. https://friendsandvetshelpingpets.org/need-assitance/

God’s Creatures Ministry Veterinarian Charity Fund spreads God’s compassion to all animals God has made according to the scriptures. Helps with up to $50.00 toward vet bills. NOTE: As of December 2021, organization is only able to offer veterinary funding assistance to animals in New Jersey. https://www.all-creatures.org/gcm/help-cf.html

Magic Bullet Fund provides financial assistance for canine cancer treatment when the family is financially unable to provide treatment. www.themagicbulletfund.org

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation provides funding and support for animals in need, including helping pets of individuals where medical hardship is present. www.onyxandbreezy.org

Paws 4 A Cure is dedicated to helping families that are in need of non-routine veterinary financial assistance for their dog or cats. Paws 4 A Cure provides financial assistance throughout the United States only with veterinary care for all illnesses and injury treatment which also includes medication, insulin, Heartworm positive treatment and medical equipment such as wheelchairs. www.paws4acure.org

Pets of the Homeless provides pet food and veterinary care assistance for persons without housing. www.petsofthehomeless.org

The Pet Fund provides financial assistance to pet owners who cannot afford expensive surgery or medical treatment that their pets need. Assists in covering medical costs beyond the normal expenses of vaccination, spay and neuter surgeries, food and routine veterinary care. www.thepetfund.com

Red Rover (formerly United Animal Nations LifeLine Fund) helps pet owners care for their animals in life-threatening situations. http://www.redrover.org/redrover-relief-grants and and domestic violence:  http://www.redrover.org/redrover-relief-domestic-violence-resources

Rose’s Fund financially assists pet owners and Good Samaritans who have an animal with a good prognosis for a healthy life, but are at a financial loss. NOTE: Organization is not currently taking applications, but may in the future. www.rosesfund.org

Waggle puts together a crowdfunding profile for your pet where people can donate directly to your pet’s cause. www.waggle.org

Pet Food

Many Massachusetts food pantries and animal welfare groups offer free pet food to pet owners in need. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) maintains a list of pet food pantries by region. MSPCA pet food pantry statewide list: http://www.mspca.org/programs/animal-protection-legislation/massachusetts-food-pantries.html
In addition, other local food pantries may have pet food available or may be able to provide it if you ask.

In some Massachusetts communities, Meals on Wheels partners with local animal welfare groups to provide pet food to homebound Meals on Wheels pet owners. If you receive Meals on Wheels and need pet food for your dog or cat, ask your meal delivery driver if Meals on Wheels pet food is available in your area. Please visit Meals on Wheels for more information:

Southborough Pet Food Pantry:
Phone: 508-485-2147
Website: Southborough Pet Food Pantry

Central MA Kibble Kitchen is a pet food pantry. 
Phone: 508-798-7829 
Email: [email protected]

The Mary Hooper Elder Pet Care Program (HELP)
 The Mary Hooper Elder Pet Care Program (HELP) is for senior residents ages 65 and older, of the “south shore.” The program is designed to provide assistance to qualified individuals so that they may keep and properly care for their beloved animals. Free services may include pet food assistance and occasional veterinary financial support for various reasons and on a case by case basis.
Phone: 781-544-4533
Email: [email protected]

Berkshire Humane Society
214 Baker Rd.
Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01201
Berkshire Humane Pet Food Bank

Ginny’s Thrift Shop and Food Pantry
52 Mechanic St.
Leominster, Massachusetts 01453

Pet Partners of the Tri State: provides free pet food, reduced rate spay and neuter, and assistance with basic veterinary care costs on a case by case basis.
West Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01266

The Pet Pantry
The Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts (APCSM) Pet Pantry holds distributions on the second weekend of every month, 12-3pm. Pet food and supplies are available at the front doors of the shelter. If you are unable to attend the distribution, please call the shelter at 508-586-2053. Address: APCSM, 1300 West Elm St Ext, Brockton MA 02301. Please email us with any questions at [email protected] or [email protected].
Easton, Massachusetts 02334

Other Resources

Other groups that keeps lists of resources (may be duplicative):

  • Kane’s Krusade/Greater Springfield Area: We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit improving the quality of life of dogs in the Greater Springfield MA area and creating awareness about Misunderstood dogs. A Misunderstood dog is any dog that is labeled or judged based solely on appearance, not behavior. Through a partnership with Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center, we distribute C.A.R.E. Kits (Canine Assistance, Resources and Education) with our C.A.R.E. Krew volunteers. Helping families care for their dogs in difficult financial times keeps loved dogs in their homes, out of shelters and off the streets. Many people are struggling in these challenging economic times. When people struggle, their pets often struggle. Kane’s Krusade C.A.R.E. Kits are designed to help keep loved dogs in their homes and out of shelters by providing Canine Assistance, Resources and Education. A typical starter C.A.R.E. Kit includes a leash, collar, name tag, food, toys, and treats. We advocate for dogs to live inside with their family, but in situations where dogs must be outside, we are building dog houses. For hot summer months, we can also provide shade tarps and kiddie pools. We can also provide spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchips and have a small medical fund for minor health issues. Website: http://www.kaneskrusade.org
  • The Humane Society of the United States has a list of national organizations that may be able to help you: Pet Financial Aid Organizations.
  • The Pet Fund – Additional Links for Help: https://www.thepetfund.com/for-pet-owners/additional-links.
  • Animal Cancer Foundation – Financial Assistance: https://acfoundation.org/financial-assistance/.
  • Red Rover – Financial Assistance Programs: https://redrover.org/additional-resources/#individuals.
  • Magic Bullet Fund – Other Organizations: https://themagicbulletfund.org/resources/otherorgs/.
  • Your Dog’s Friend – Need Help Paying Vet Bills?: https://yourdogsfriend.org/we-recommend/need-help-paying-vet-bills/.

Updated January 2022