MAC presentations

Some of the following links will display presentations in their original slide show formats. MAC members and friends are encouraged to view these presentations online and to share them by directing colleagues to this web site. Some of the documents linked below may be quite large and take several minutes to download. Please be patient!  Some links will be to other resources that may be useful to shelters and rescues.  For more about MAC meetings, visit the meeting page.  You can see a list of all past meetings here

 The Whole Cat Workshop – March 22 2015
Mike Phillips, CVT, Director of Community Outreach, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals; Co-Founder, Urban Cat League
Socialzing Feral Kittens Handout
Neighbor Relations and Public Outreach PDF
The Never Ending Conversation: Transporting Rescued Cats & Dogs into Massachusetts – the Ethical, Moral and Humane Aspects of Transport
MAC Meeting Notes 10-26-14 (helpful to read first)
The Tennessee Story (Julie Jacobson)
The Gap – Ending Shelter Euthanasia (Julie Jacobson)
The Little Cat Rescue Perspective (Jocelyne Durrenburger)
Importation of Shelter Dogs & Cat into Connecticut (Ray Connors)

Quotes From Advocates

State Demographics
Open Letter To MAC From Marlene Walsh
Shelter Standards
AVMA Transporting Animals Basic Requirements
What is a 501c3 and Taming the Paperwork 
Lynda Schnare, Owner Cat Whiskers Inn
American Humane’s Complete OSHA and Safety Guide for Animal Shelters
Purchase from American Humane.
Animals, Trends, Futures
(Note: this is a large file)
Presenter:  Carter Luke, MSPCA CEO
Fundraising 101 for the Small Grassroots Organization
A presentation by Jan Beckwith, President and Founder of Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare; from May 2005
Foster Care Program
Presenter: Melissa Cox
Assistant Manager/Manager of Foster Care Program, ARL Boston
Foster Home Program
Presenter: Linda J. Brackett, President, Nemasket Orphaned Animal Haven
Recognizing Shelter Diseases and Minimizing Transmission
Presenter: Martha Smith, DVM, ARL Boston
Shelter & Rescue Regulations Survey Results
Sponsored by Massachusetts Animal Coalition and Supported by the Boston Research Group
Transportation Requirements
Presenter: Leigh Grady, Executive Director, Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling, MA
 Quick Fix Clinics
Presenter: Jan Beckwith, Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare
Basics of the New 990
Presenter: Karen Hodge, CPA
Shelter Overpopulation
Peter Marsh; from September 2009
Shelter and Rescue Liability (Jan. 2010)
Presenter:  Attorney Donna M. Turley, Glickman Turley, LLP
MAC Meeting Sept. 20, 2009
Animal Control Bill (Nov. 2009)
Presenters:  Kara Holmquist (MSPCA) and Cheryl Malone (ACOAM)
Shelter Dog Behavior Evaluations (Jan. 2010)
Presenters:  Amy Marder and Seana Dowling, Center for Shelter Dogs, Animal Rescue League of Boston
 Bugs and Debugging, Natalie Holt
Whole Cat Workshop (2010)
Feline Dentistry and Oral Medicine
Whole Cat Workshop (2010)
Tackling and Preventing Intercat Household Aggression
Kathryn Wrubel, Ph.D.
Whole Cat Workshop (2010)
No Snuggling, No Biting: Recognizing and Preventing FeLV, FIV and FIP Infections
Dr. Johanna Cooper, BSc, DVM, DACVIM
Whole Cat Workshop (2010)
Dr. Newbury’s presentation and Shelter Health Portal at UC Davis
Whole Cat Workshop (2010)
 Association of Shelter Veterinarians Shelter Standards
Understanding Aggression in Dogs and its Relation to Our Shelter Work
Kelly Bollen, MS, CABC
All About Dogs (2011)
Dogs and Cats in Massachusetts:  ANIMALS AND  TRENDS
, September 23, 2012. Carter Luke, MSPCA.
The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters
US Dept of Justice, Community Oriented Policing Services
Tipping Point: 2012, September 23, 2012, Karina King, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society
All About Dogs presentation on new animal control law Mass. Dept of Agricultral Resources, Mike Cahill, MDAR, September 23, 2012.
Tough Beginnings Happy Endings. Joanne Wilkinson,
Forever Home Rescue New England, September 23, 2012