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Prior Events and Workshops

Presentations/handouts/resources can be found on the workshop page linked in each description below.

Sunday, October 20, MAC held the 2019 All About Dogs Workshop: The Everyday Impacts of Complex Placement for Dogs

On March 16, 2019, MAC held Achieving Harmony for Birds, Wildlife & Cats.

On December 2, 2018 MAC’s Hot Topics Meeting addressed the topic: “If You See Something, Say Something”: Identifying & Reporting Animal Cruelty for Animal Welfare Professionals

On September 30, 2018, MAC held a Special Meeting: The Business of Running a Shelter or Rescue.

On June 24, MAC held the 2018 All About Dogs session; the topic was “EXPLORING THE FUTURE OF MASSACHUSETTS SHELTER DOGS”. Click here to access the presentations and other resources, as well as the results of MAC’s dog survey.

The 2018 Whole Cat Workshop was held on March 25, 2018. Its theme was “Building Relationships & Breaking Down Barriers to Help Cats”.

The topic for our autumn Hot Topics session on Sunday, November 19, 2017 was Animal HoardingThe balance between compassion and/or conviction.

Our “All About Dogs” meeting, Creative Ideas for Foster Care, was held in on Sunday, October 29, 2017.

The 2017 Whole Cat Workshop was held on April 2. Our theme was Strategies to Help More Cats”.


Busting Myths, Building Bridges, Saving Lives


Send More Dogs Home: Modifying guarding behaviors, working with fear-based triggers, and building confidence!