AniMatch was created by members of a MAC task force in 2006 when there was a growing belief that there was a shortage of adoptable dogs in Massachusetts. Because of this belief, over the previous two decades, some animal welfare organizations had been importing both puppies and adult dogs from out of state for adoption in Massachusetts. The AniMatch task force saw that, while this practice was saving the lives of some animals, there were still adoptable dogs in Massachusetts that were not being placed, simply because of a lack of resources and exposure in their communities. They hypothesized that if Massachusetts dogs were provided with resources similar to those given to imported dogs, they would also have a chance at finding their “forever home.”  AniMatch was created as a system to support the evaluation and intrastate transfer of pets, affording these forgotten animals that opportunity.  

In 2016, AniMatch for Cats was launched as well!  Building on our years of experience working with dogs, similar programming was rolled out to assist cats in need across the state of Massachusetts. 

AniMatch provides free Canine Body Language and Behavior Observation training for those interested in working with AniMatch, either through a participating organization or as an individual AniMatch volunteer who helps with transportation, behavior evaluations, and more.  The goal is to enable participating organizations and volunteers to use the same standardized, objective criteria when posting available dogs on AniMatch’s database.  When working with cats, AniMatch utilizes a concise behavior Personality Profile form that provides a snapshot of a cat’s behaviors.  These processes allow organizations to make realistic decisions regarding their ability to help a particular dog or cat. 

AniMatch has established a network of animal welfare groups and the resulting collaborative partnerships that have developed and grown over time has created a safety net, giving over three thousand adoptable dogs and cats in Massachusetts a second chance.

We facilitate happy endings for Massachusetts animals! To learn more, or to apply to become part of AniMatch visit [email protected].