License Plate Grant Information

MAC's Spay/Neuter License Plate Grant Program

Grants have already been given out for the 2024 cycle.

For more information about the License Plate Grant Program, please click here.

License Plate Grant Program

Applications Due January 15, 2024

  • Your application for funding will be through an online form and you will be asked to upload your organization’s IRS 990/990EZ/990-N (if you file one). 
  • Only applications submitted online with all required documents by the deadline of January 15, 2024 will be considered for funding.
  • All applicants are required to agree to Terms and Conditions of the grant as a section in the application form. Click here to see the Terms and Conditions.  
  • Note that MAC reserves the right to request detailed spending information and documentation from award recipients at any point during or after the grant cycle.
    • While we are not requiring a final tracking log to be submitted to us, we may request details of how the money has been spent on behalf of the animals that are served.
    • You may use any tracking system you desire to organize your information, as long as you can provide similar detailed information should it be requested from you.
    • However, we are providing a sample tracking log that can be used for this purpose.
  • To MA organizations interested in applying for a 2024 License Plate Grant: 

This is for your use only and you are not required to submit this with your 2024 application. It is designed to help you  make sure your required federal and state filings are current before you apply for a License Plate grant from MAC. The  lines on the left are for you to check once you have completed each item. We have used the language of the Federal and  State entities to avoid confusion when you go online to search for your organization’s filings. This is a guide only and is  not intended to be used as a legal document. 

  • We recommend you review the application in advance, collect necessary information and prepare your narrative submission before beginning the form. You can save your input and add to or edit it as needed.
  • We require an explanation for how you will use the funds.  Please provide this information in a short narrative (it is ok to use bullet points). The form will accept a maximum of 3,000 characters.
    • It might be easiest to write your narrative in Microsoft Word, where you can select the Review tab and click on Character Count. You can copy and paste the final narrative from Word into the designated section on the application. 
  • Please bear in mind that it is important for grant applicants to be sure they can secure spay/neuter surgeries for the animals they intend to assist.
  • Applications are due January 15, 2024.
  • Grant determinations will be made during March 2024.
  • Checks will be sent out in early April 2024.
  • The deadline for spending the grant funds on spay/neuter surgeries is December 31, 2024.
  • The final report is due January 15, 2025.  Failure to submit reports by the due date will disqualify you from future grants. There will be no exceptions.  Please review this report prior to submitting an application so that you understand what is required of your organization.

Final Reports Due January 15, 2025

Ways to Promote the Spay/Neuter License Plate

Each Spay/Neuter License Plate on the road contributes funding for spay/neuter grants for organizations like yours. Help us grow this important funding source!

Promotional Materials

  • To promote the sale of the license plate, please consider putting promotional flyers in your adoption packets, on your walls, in town, and anywhere animal lovers might be. You can request these materials by filling out the form linked in the button below. Thank you for any help you can provide!
  • If you would like to print your own flyers, just let us know and we can send you the document!

Press Release

  • Reach out to local media outlets and let them know how your organization is helping animals in their community using the Press Release Template below.

Spread the Word About Ordering the Plate

  • Let people know how they can get their very own Spay/Neuter License Plate by posting the following on social media or your website

Order Your Plate

  2. Scroll down to PLATES
  3. Fill in your personal information

Videos to Share

  • Share these super cute videos feauring the License Plate on your social media pages!

I'm Animal Friendly License Plate 2024 Graphic


Please email us with any questions at our LP email address: [email protected]