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I Work in Animal Welfare

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Webinars, Towns Halls & Zoom Calls

  • You’re invited: Weekly Zoom call to talk about emerging issues, get advice and hear updates.
  • Who: Animal shelter professionals at every level, paid or unpaid
  • When: Monday mornings (starting this Monday and continuing once a week) at 7 a.m. PST/10 a.m. EST
  • Where: Maddie’s Fund Zoom link:
  • Why: Because talking helps us come up with brilliant ideas, feel more supported and less isolated, gives us information about things that are working, and helps us deal with the emerging waves of crises that are part of our daily lives.

NOTE: Calendar invites will NOT be sent. Take the zoom link and put it in your own calendar for every Monday at 7 a.m. PST for the next two months. That way, you’ll always remember!

COVID-19 Info for Animal Welfare Workers

  • Sign up for this daily digest for animal welfare professionals. National animal welfare non-profits, veterinary shelter medicine programs, and the National Animal Control Association have committed to compiling and sharing accurate, timely COVID-19 information through this daily digest, rather than burdening your already-too-full email in-box.
  • The North American COVID-19 Communication Task Force, a collaboration of animal welfare organizations across the U.S and Canada, has created accurate and shareable infographics for you to use when messaging a variety of audiences—the pet parents in your community, shelter staff, law enforcement, and your foster families. Use as is or have your in-house design team tweak them to make them your own.



  • Forbes has compiled a list of banks offering mortgage relief to customers. Be sure to reach out directly to your mortgage provider prior to taking any action.