Past MAC meetings and Programs


October 28
Introduction to Social Marketing, Kathy Savesky

December 10, Kim Saunders


January 20
National Education for Assistance Dog Services, Sheila O’Brien, Founder

March 4
Writing a Winning Grant, Robert Perry, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

October 28
High Volume Spay/Neuter, Julie Levy, DVM

December 8
Neutersol, Don Polley, DVM and Cord Harper, Addison Biological


February 1
2001 Results from MSPCA’s Companion Animal Population Study, Carter Luke

March 23
Behavioral Evaluation of Shelter Dogs, Amy Marder, VMD
April 6    Social Marketing and Working Smarter, Kathy Savesky
May 19    Feral Cats 101 panel, Jan Beckwith, Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare; Libby Hanrahan, Tiny Tigers; and Ruth Rosenfeld, Neponset Valley Humane Society
September 29    Open – or Streamlined – Adoptions
(Annual Meeting)    Jean Weber, MSPCA Director of Shelters; Theresa Geary, former Director of Shelter Operations CACC; Brad Shear, Brooklyn Shelter Manager, CACC; Heather Donnelly, MSPCA Brockton
November 23    General Discussion About MAC’s Progress


January 13    Long Distance Animal Rescue Programs, A discussion facilitated by Gary Patronek,VMD
February 22    Cape Cod Rabies Program, Dr. Alison Robbins, Director of Cape Cod Wildlife Vaccine Program
May 17    Sinking or Swimming as Humane Service Providers, Jane Nathanson, LCSW, LRC, CRC; Social Work and Reha- bilitation Consultant
June 22    Disaster Preparedness, Lisa Sinnigen, DVM, Lorraine O’Connor, DVM, and Sue Webb, Wellesley ACO
September 21     High Volume Spay/Neuter, Brenda Griffin, DVM
(Annual Meeting)    Ribbon Cutting for MAC Clinic at Tufts
November 1    Adoption Forum II – Turning Tradition on its Head, Gary Patronek, VMD


January 24    Animal Rescue League of Boston Field Services, Lt. Alan Borgal, Brain O’Connor, Mark Vogel
February 29    Update on Rabies in Massachusetts, Fredric Cantor, DVM, MPH
April 24    Finding Lost Animals, Kat Albrecht
June 13    Importation of Dogs into MA, Lorraine O’Connor, DVM of MA Dept of Agriculture and Fredric Cantor, DVM of MA Dept of Public Health
September 18    Shelter Image Task Force Report, Gary Patronek, VMD
(Annual Meeting)
November 7    The State of the Feral Cat in MA, Stacy LeBaron, Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society; Jan Beckwith, Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare
Identification of Pets, Bill Brothers, Animal Care Equipment & Services
Jens Rudings, VetScribe


February 27    Eastern Coyotes in MA, Jonathan Way, Boston College
April 16    Dog Aggression, Emma Parsons
May 22    Fundraising Workshop
Donor Cultivation from a Direct Mail Perspective, Lynn Edmonds,
President of LW Robbins
Fundraising 101 for the Small Grassroots Organization, Jan Beckwith, Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare
Event Planning: Reality-Based Decision Making, by Nancy Hall, Manager of Operations, Animal Rescue League of Boston
Special Events Fundraising Events – Auctions and Calendars, Cindy McAuley, MAC Administrative Assistant and volunteer for Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue
Starting a Direct Mail Program on a Budget, Brian Winslow, Development Director, Animal Welfare Society, W. Kennebunk, ME
September 17    Promoting Harmony in the Animal Welfare Community
(Annual Meeting)     An Afternoon Conversation with MAC Members and Friends
October 30             Hurricane Katrina: An Update on MAC’s Role, Facilitated by Anne Lindsay, Northeast Animal Shelter/MAC President
December 3            Pets in Housing: Challenges, Realities and Remedies for Shelters and     Rescues, Nancy McElwain, MSPCA


January 8     A New Approach for the New Year, Sarah Wilson, The Family Dog
March 19         The Legislative Process: How a Bill Becomes a Law/Helping Animals
Through the Legislative Process, Kara Holmquist, MSPCA
May 6        Adoption and the Pet Acquisition Process, Bryn Conklin, Tufts Masters Program
June 11                   Asilomar Accords: A MAC Conversation, Part II, Facilitated by Sandra Monterose, ASPCA
September 16        Asilomar Accords From One of the Architects, Rich Avanzino,
(Annual Meeting)     Maddie’s Fund
October 29        Direct Mail 101, Bonnie Catena, Vice President of Fundraising, DMW Worldwide


March 25    Whole Cat Workshop, Liz Pease, Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society; Jan Holmquist, MSPCA; Sheryl Parker, Second Chance Animal Shelter; Karina King, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society; Jan Beckwith, Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare; Amy Marder, VMD; Sue DiMeo, PAWS of Wakefield
September 16    Shelter Operations, Linda Brackett, NOAH; Melissa Cox, Animal
(Annual Meeting)    Rescue League of Boston; Leigh Grady, Animal Shelter, Inc.; Martha Smith, DVM, Animal Rescue League of Boston


January 27    The Latest Information on Dog and Cat Statistics in Massachusetts, Carter Luke, CEO, MSPCA
You Adopt What? Species that fly (or hop) under the radar, Mark Johnson, Foster Parrots and Suzanne Trayhan, House Rabbit Society
March 9    Whole Cat Workshop
Panel Discussion:  Current State of the Cat and Which Programs Make an Impact, Gary Patronek, VMD, Animal Rescue League of Boston; Leslie Harris, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and New England Federation of Humane Societies
The Dynamics of TNR, Sarah Greene, Petfinder
Breakout Sessions: Open Adoptions, How to Run a Spay/Neuter Clinic, Barn Cat Adoptions, How to Run a Foster Program, Graphic Design for Non Profits, Taming the Paperwork for Non Profits
September 28    Cats in Massachusetts: What can you do?
(Annual Meeting)    Kit Jenkins, PetSmart Charities
Taming the Paperwork Workshop
Lynda Schnare, MAC’s bookkeeper; Elaine Contant, Animal Law Attorney


February 1    All About Dogs
Introducing the Center for Shelter Dogs at the Animal Rescue League of Boston
Overview of the goals of the CSD, Amy Marder, VMD CAAB, Director of the Center for Shelter Dogs
Discussion of the ongoing projects of the CSD, Angie Koban, MSc, Research Manager Center for Shelter Dogs
Enriching the lives of dogs while they are housed in the shelter; methods to treat behavior problems, Sheila Segurson, DVM, DACVB Senior Applied Animal Behaviorist
Info about Summer Institute, Laney McDougall, CSD administrative assistant
March 9    Whole Cat Workshop
Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return – A New Way of Thinking, Becky Robinson,       President and Founder of Alley Cat Allies
Trapper training 101  How Do You Outsmart a Feral Cat? Laura Popielarski, Billerica Cat Care Coalition
How to Handle the Media, Elizabeth Parowski, Communications Manager, Alley Cat Allies
Whole Cat Medicine: The Relationship Between Stress and Disease, Emily McCobb, DVM, Shelter Medicine Program, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Acting on Your Passion, Helping Cats, Esther Mechler, Founder of SPAY/USA
September 20    Recent Research for Building Programs to Eradicate Shelter Overpopulation
(Annual Meeting)    Peter Marsh, Esq.
IRS Reporting Form 990 (sic)
Karen Hodge, Riley and Associates CPA
Mini MAC Report
Sue Dimeo (MVP), Jill O’Connell (Lowell TNR Projects), Maryann Regan (Boston Homeless Cats) and Sharlene Sallet (Metrowest Cat Coalition)
What’s Up in Springfield?
Leslie Harris, Executive Director, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society
What is happening at Tufts and the Tufts Clinic?
Dr. Emily McCobb, Director of the Shelter Medicine Program at Tufts
What is the ASPCA doing and what can the ASPCA do for you?
Dave Betournay, ASPCA Community Initiatives Manager for New England
November 14    Animal Control Bill
Kara Holmquist (MSPCA) and Cheryl Malone (ACOAM)
Resources available to Animal Control Officers
ACOAM, Manny Maciel, President of ACOAM and New Bedford ACO
PoundHounds, Seana Dowling, Marcia Peters
PILOT, Rosemary Antonnucci, PILOT organizer
MVMA, Manny Maciel
I’m Animal Friendly License Plate Grant Program, Deni Goldman, ACOAM director public relations and communications and Hull ACO and Kara Holmquist
Special Guest: Norma Haskins
Reflections on her experiences over 30 years as an animal control officer


January 10    Shelter and Rescue Liability
Attorney Donna M. Turley, Glickman Turley, LLP ASPCA
Behavior Evaluations
Amy Marder and Seana Dowling, Center for Shelter Dogs, Animal Rescue League of Boston
March 14    Whole Cat Workshop
Vaccination Protocols and Parasite Prevention
Natalee Holt
Feline Dentistry and Oral Medicine
Jean Joo, DVM, Tufts VETS
Tackling and Preventing Intercat Household Aggression
Kathryn Wrubel, Ph.D.
Infectious Diseases: Felv/FIV/FIP, Dr. Johanna Cooper, DVM, DACVIM, TuftsVETS

September  26    Working with the Media, Brian Adams, Senior Manager, Media and Community
(Annual Meeting)        Relations, MSPCA
Savvy Socializing, Merrilyn Lewis


March 6    All About Dogs
What is Aggression?  What is the Reality of Behavior Modification?  What are our Responsibilities to Both Difficult Dogs and the General Public?
Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC is Director of Behavior Programs for the Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
“Safewalk,” a volunteer training program at the MSPCA
Terri Bright, Behavior Analyst from the MSPCA in Boston,
March 20    Whole Cat Workshop
Focus on Feline Medicine
Veterinary Track – 6 Hours of CE Credit
Chris Pirie, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
Urinary Problems
Mary Labato,  DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Small Animal Internal Medicine)
Optimal Nutrition for the Senior Cat
Lisa Freeman, DVM, PhD, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Nutrition
Barrett Bulmer, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology)
PetFinder Behavior Track
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in the Cat
Niwako Ogata, DVM, PhD
Enrichment and Stress Reduction in a Shelter Environment
Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC
Resolving Feline Inappropriate Elimination
Nicole Cottam, MS, ACAAB
Common Behavior Problems in the Home
Kathryn Wrubel, PhD
September 25    Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters
(Annual Meeting)    Martha Smith-Blackmore, DVM, Animal Rescue League of Boston
Open Discussion About Importation.


January 22    All About Dogs
New Year, New Perspectives
Beth Oram, Photographer
Lorna Grande, DVM,
“The Tipping Point” as a model for effecting change, small group discussions
March 25    Whole Cat Workshop
Veterinary Track – 6 Hours of CE Credit
Free Roaming Cats, Rabies and the Law
Lorraine O’Connor, DVM, MA Department of Agricultural Resources
Infectious Disease Concerns with Free Roaming Cats: Things to Consider When Stray Cats Become Pets
Jessica Markovich, DVM, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Anesthesia, Analgesia and Safe Monitoring for High Volume Clinics
Emily McCobb, DVM, MS, DACVA, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
High Volume Surgical Techniques
Sara White, DVM, Spay ASAP, Inc.
How to Make Reduced Cost Spay/Neuter Work Financially
Sara White, DVM, Spay ASAP, Inc.
Trapping Workshop
Laura Heffernan, Lowell TNR Project
PetFinder Community Cat Track
The Role of TNR in Community Cat Programs
Bryan Kortis, PetSmart Charities
Research Highlights from the ASPCA, Feral v Friendly and Population Modeling
Margaret Slater, DVM, ASPCA
TNR Programs Nathionwide: Problems and Solutions
Katie Lisnik, HSUS
Successful Community TNR Efforts in Massachusetts, Panel and Moderated Discussion
Kit Lilly, Charles River Alley Cats
Laura Heffernan, Lowell TNR Project
Jeff Stephens, Fitchburg Board of Health
Elizabeth Evans, Spay Worcester

September 23    Animal Welfare in Massachusetts: What have we achieved and where we
(Annual Meeting)    are going? A positive discussion about lessons learned and what’s ahead for animals in Massachusetts.  Panelists:
Carter Luke, President, MSPCA-Angell.
Michael Cahill, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Director, Division of Animal Health
Karina King, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society, Dakin Community Spay/Neuter Clinic Director.
Dr. Jean Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.
Terri Bright, M.Ed., BCBA, MSPCA Boston Training Coordinator.
Joanne Wilkinson, Founder and Executive Director, Forever Home Rescue New England
Leona Pease, Town of Shrewsbury MA, Animal Control Officer.


January 13    All About Dogs
New Animal Control Law
Kara Holmquist, MSPCA Director of Advocacy
Hillary Cohen, Norfolk ACO
Bob Fennessy, Esq.
Foster Care
Beth Finn, Animal Rescue League’s Dedham Shelter
Dee Zaccagnini, German Shepherd Rescue of New England Foster Home Coordinator

March 24    Whole Cat Workshop
Animal Welfare Track: Cat Adoption
Meet Your Match Adoption Strategy, Susan Britt, ASPCA Senior Director of Shelter Training
Sheltering, Fostering and Adoption Out FeLV/FIV-Positive Cats – Lessons Learned, Liz Pease, Director of Operations, Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society
Mass Cats Yahoo Group – Our History and How Mass Cats Can Help You, Jannel Fitzpatrick, Mass Cats Founder and Moderator
Panel and Moderated Discussion on Successful and Creative Adoption Promotions
Mike Keiley, Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center Director, the MSPCA at Nevins Farm
Leslie Harris, Executive Director, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society
Jocelyne Durrenberger, Persident, The Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hundon
Zachary Black, Operations Manager, Greater Androscoggin Humane Society

Special All-Day Workshops sponsored or co-sponsored by MAC

•    Whole Cat Workshop – each March
•    Canine Temperament Evaluation – Amy Marder, VMD
•    Pit Bull Pendulum – panel
•    Domestic Violence and Safe Havens for Pets (3 times) – panel
•    Sanitation and Health Issues for Shelters – Nicholas Gilman, Animal Rescue League of Boston
•    Capital Campaigns and Planning of an Animal Shelter – Nicholas Gilman, Animal Rescue League of Boston