Spay Worcester

In October 2017, Spay Worcester went from being a MAC task force and became part of Second Chance Animal Services, which runs a Pets For Life program and a low cost veterinary clinic in the city of Worcester. MAC is proud to have supported Spay Worcester from its inception to becoming a successful, independent program that is vital to cats and neighborhoods in Worcester.

To volunteer with Spay Worcester please contact [email protected].

To read more about Spay Worcester’s recent activities, please check out this website.

About Us:

Spay Worcester was formed in 2010 when concerned Worcester residents joined forces  with animal welfare professionals from surrounding communities. The current all-volunteer coalition includes representatives from Worcester, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Worcester Animal Control, the Worcester Animal Rescue League local TNR (trap-neuter-return) groups and several other animal welfare organizations, each bringing unique resources to the table.

The goal of the Spay Worcester task force is to work to reduce the population of free-roaming cats in the city of Worcester through spay neuter and public education.  The focus of this task force is to provide basic medical care (spay/neuter and vaccinations) for stray cats through responsible trap-neuter-return. The task force also seeks to provide these services for free-roaming cats that have human homes. In addition, the task force wishes to increase available resources for low-income spay/neuter for cats living in homes through education and working with other organizations. We believe that all cat populations must be addressed in order to see a decrease in Worcester’s free-roaming cat population.

The Spay Worcester task force directly supports MAC’s mission of promoting animal welfare by helping an underserved animal population in the city of Worcester.  Spay/neuter is an important tool in achieving MAC’s welfare goals. By reducing the free roaming cat population this program will also benefit shelters and rescue groups working in Worcester by reducing cat intake. Additionally, Spay Worcester is working collaboratively with the Worcester Animal Rescue League, local rescue organizations, and other interested parties. Spay Worcester is supported by the mayor of Worcester, the Worcester City Council, and members of the CDC.  Read an article about the program in TuftsNow called “Feline Fixers” and an article “Spay Worcester tackles city’s feral cat crisis” in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.