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MAC’s Statement on MDAR’s Proposed Shelter/Rescue Regulations

Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) accepted the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ (MDAR) invitation to attend meetings and to provide feedback regarding the proposed shelter regulations in order to represent the diverse needs of its constituent organizations.  MAC appreciates the importance of, and supports, regulations for animal shelters and rescues.  We believe that the primary role of an animal shelter and rescue should be animal welfare and the needs of the animals.

At this time those regulations remain in draft form; they are merely intended to serve as the scaffolding upon which final regulations will be built. On April 23rd MDAR will hold a public hearing where all stakeholders, including individual shelter and rescue organizations, will have the opportunity to be heard. Alternatively, organizations may submit their comments to MDAR in written form by April 29. MDAR is obligated to take all comments into consideration in developing final regulations.  MAC encourages individuals and organizations that wish to give input to take advantage of these opportunities.  

Please click here to see notice from MDAR.

Drive Like an Animal(Lover) and Support Spay/Neuter Efforts in Massachusetts

3 ways you can help drive sales of the “I’m Animal Friendly” license plate and aid cats, dogs, and rabbits!

Tap here to purchase the plate now>>

Spay/neuter is one of the most humane ways to decrease the number of animals who need homes.  Unfortunately, it can be very expensive, especially for animal shelters, rescue groups, and municipal agencies working with limited budgets.

That’s why the Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) launched the “I’m Animal Friendly” license plate program with the Registry of Motor Vehicles  in 2003.  Sales of the plate support on-going spay and neuter efforts and thousands of cats, dogs, and rabbits receive the surgery every year through funds provided by the license plate program.

But the need for support is growing fast!

In 2017, MAC received over 30 requests for $368,724 in spay/neuter funding – over twice the amount MAC can currently provide through funds raised by the plate program.

How Can I Help?

To meet the needs of animals, we’re running a year-long campaign for animals to drive sales of the “I’m Animal Friendly” plate.  The campaign is called “Drive Like an Animal(Lover),” and our goal is to let more Massachusetts drivers know how to help animals by purchasing the plate.

And you can help!

#1 – Check to see if it is time to renew your registration.

Click here to check your vehicle’s renewal status

#2 – Tell friends, family, and businesses about the plate.

Know an animal-friendly business or business owner?  Ask if they’d like to support the “Drive like an animal(lover)” campaign for animals as a promotional partner.

Interested businesses can contact Anne Lindsay, president and founder, Massachusetts Animal Coalition, at [email protected] for more information.

And check out our growing list of promotional partners below!

#3 – Share our funny cat and dog “Drive Like an Animal(Lover)” videos with your social networks.

Share them on Facebook, on your website, and through email. Make sure to tag @massanimalcoalition on Facebook and use #petplate.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more campaign videos and contests you can share to let more people know about the plate!

Thank You to Our Partners!

We’re grateful for the generosity of many businesses and media in our state for helping us drive sales of the “I’m Animal Friendly” plate and help more animals!

A major thank you to Boston-based advertising, PR, and digital agency Conover Tuttle Pace The agency created the campaign including radio and TV announcements and funny social media videos, all pro-bono for us.

Very special thanks to all our promotional partners…