MAC’s Statement on MDAR’s Proposed Shelter/Rescue Regulations

Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) accepted the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ (MDAR) invitation to attend meetings and to provide feedback regarding the proposed shelter regulations in order to represent the diverse needs of its constituent organizations.  MAC appreciates the importance of, and supports, regulations for animal shelters and rescues.  We believe that the primary role of an animal shelter and rescue should be animal welfare and the needs of the animals.

At this time those regulations remain in draft form; they are merely intended to serve as the scaffolding upon which final regulations will be built. On April 23rd MDAR will hold a public hearing where all stakeholders, including individual shelter and rescue organizations, will have the opportunity to be heard. Alternatively, organizations may submit their comments to MDAR in written form by April 29. MDAR is obligated to take all comments into consideration in developing final regulations.  MAC encourages individuals and organizations that wish to give input to take advantage of these opportunities.  

Please click here to see notice from MDAR.